Today, we celebrate freedom!

June 12th is Philippines‘ Independence Day! Learn more about our young archipelago’s trials to freedom in a short article on Maligayang Araw ng Kalayaan! (Happy Independence Day!) *** I love this Google… Continue reading

Webinar Thoughts: The Missing Link to Winning More Sales

Jill Konrath is a business to business sales expert, recognized for her fresh sales strategies and game-changing approaches. She’s a speaker who helps sellers crack into new accounts, speed up sales cycles and… Continue reading

Never Give Up!

Let your failure be your driving force to become better and succeed. Live your Passion. Live your Purpose. Live your Dreams. ***JHAJR***

Webinar Thoughts: Webinars for VAs and Clients

Michelle Schoen is a full-time Multimedia Specialist with 15 years of experience is designing E-Learning, creating video tutorials coaching on virtual event creation and website design. She teaches Screencasting in and develops… Continue reading

Give Yourself the Chance to Be Extraordinary

Some people think you’re special. Some people know that you’re special. They’ve seen you do wonderful things. So how come you don’t believe them? When will you start believing in yourself? Your existence in itself… Continue reading

To the Loving Hands that Rock the Cradle…

We have a local saying that a woman giving birth has half of her body buried on a grave. It emphasizes how a woman risks her life during one of the toughest moments… Continue reading

Webinar Thoughts: Youtube for Virtual Assistants

Krizia also known as Miss K is an entrepreneur, video show host, speaker and international author who focuses on helping small businesses through online training. Miss K’s webinar on optimizing Youtube for business… Continue reading

How far can you go?

Risk takers, they say, are the ones destined to succeed–and we all wish we could be just like them. Anyone would grab that opportunity to succeed. However sometimes, no matter how much we want… Continue reading

Pink’s New Approach to Motivation

“There is a difference between what science knows and what business does.” In the video above, Dan Pink, American author of five business books including Drive: The Surprising Truth About What Motivates Us,… Continue reading

Photoshop the World

I once had a very peculiar thought. It was of God, the designer of all things, creating a world on a software very much like Adobe Photoshop. Using brushes and pens, lights and… Continue reading