Photoshop the World

I once had a very peculiar thought. It was of God, the designer of all things, creating a world on a software very much like Adobe Photoshop. Using brushes and pens, lights and shadows, shapes and lines, He created a work of art. Then the work of art became real. It became us.

Then I asked myself, “What if I could have the power to do the same thing? I do not intend to create another world, but I sure would like to change the world I’m already in. So, how will I do it?

I turned on my computer and opened Photoshop. Then, I realized the answer.

I’ve used Photoshop for years and, indeed, it has changed the world—from altering people’s appearances to improving the beauty of any surroundings. It can even be used to create a completely different world.

Most of us are aware of the power of Photoshop being able to create anything out of nothing. Like some god—a digital god to be precise. Unfortunately, the impossible only happens on a virtual canvas

But what if it has the power to do more… real?

Child in tears

So, I opened some images on my photo editing software. Images of less-fortunate children—the one sector of society that I felt needed help the most. Then I started to daydream. What if all it takes is a click of a button—some photo editing technique—to completely change these children’s lives?

So I scoured the digital world to look for more images of children struck with poverty, tragedy and injustice; those who were born homeless. Perhaps I could save them by cropping them out of the depressing picture they’re in. I then blurred the background to make them stand out. Now, I can see them perfectly.

Homeless family

But then I realized that simply cropping them may not be enough as they are still stuck in the portrait of their problems. I thought it might be best to use a better tool—a lasso—to finally pull them out. Then, I can place them in a better picture.

Children in the street

However, I understand that there are those who cannot simply be moved, stuck between circumstances such as family or—unfortunately, even at a young age—labor. I could grab a brush and paint them a whole different background, one that’s more conducive to living. I will draw whatever it is they need and keep them away from working too early in their lives. I will control the color of their environment to make them see the world differently and hopefully take away their worries.

Children rummaging through trash

When I’m done changing their environment, I shall start changing the children themselves. These battered young souls need some healing. I would show to them the brightness of their souls—the strength that they possess—and make them realize that poverty, tragedy and all the problems they’ve carried could never steal it away from them.

A child stands out

Finally, I would heal away the blemishes that life’s hardships have given them. In every aspect of their being, I know there is a scar. Once they’ve all faded, these children could finally go on to living the life that they deserve.

Wounded children

I sure hope that it could be that easy to save a child from all the struggles and tears that, clearly, they do not deserve. Then I went back to the thought of God, editing everything in this world. I then take solace in the belief that with Him and through Him, nothing is impossible.

Happy Child