Webinar Thoughts: Youtube for Virtual Assistants

YT for VAs Webinar

Krizia also known as Miss K is an entrepreneur, video show host, speaker and international author who focuses on helping small businesses through online training.


Miss K’s webinar on optimizing Youtube for business was definitely an eye-opener for someone like me who always thought that Youtube was created simply for personal use. I am yet to fully understand how the video-sharing platform—and videos in general—can truly help in running one’s business.

The webinar entitled Youtube For Virtual Assistants was created to help virtual assistants maximize the use of videos for clients so that, ultimately, they become indispensable members of their team.

For one full hour, Miss K dished out her 10 Reasons Why Youtube will Change VA Business.

Her knowledge clearly based on experience quickly drew me to her lecture. But what impressed me more is that—just like many of us—she learned her technical know-how through eagerness. She was proud to admit that, too.

Miss K reintroduced Youtube to me—this time as a vital element in any business. I never knew that Youtube videos have become easier to share now. And with Youtube’s integration with Google+ Hangouts, we could only expect better things to come.

Together with Google and Facebook, the three websites generate the greatest amount of traffic online—and I agree—so any business would definitely benefit from utilizing any of these sites’ services.

But it’s not just Facebook. Social media in general create major traction when used together with Youtube videos. It’s worth noting that videos create more responses than any other social media activity.

It’s also worth knowing that almost half of the entire population of Youtube viewers belongs to the age that is perfect for selling. I never knew that! Videos of products or services make not only these people but most of us, more trusting of a company—and that’s very important in selling.

All of these information–and much more would definitely be of value to any virtual assistant who wishes to be competitive for his or her client.

Before Miss K ended the lecture, she left an old adage that was given a much-appreciated twist from Dr. James Mcquivey of the Forrester Research:

“A minute of video is worth 1.8 million words.”

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