Webinar Thoughts: Webinars for VAs and Clients

Benefits of Live Webinars

Michelle Schoen is a full-time Multimedia Specialist with 15 years of experience is designing E-Learning, creating video tutorials coaching on virtual event creation and website design. She teaches Screencasting in learncamtasia.com and develops marketing and tutorial videos for small businesses in vademogirl.com

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It was a webinar about, well, webinar. For an hour, Michelle shared some of her insights on why businesses need webinars and why creating webinars is one skill that virtual assistants need to master. The event was hosted by Craig Cannings of VAClassroom.com.

So, why do webinars?

The opportunities that webinars present benefit both clients that hire virtual assistants to run a business and virtual assistants that dream of running their own business in the future.

According to Michelle, webinar is the best way to get people on a mailing list. And I agree. People—including me—would easily be enticed by a webinar or a video presentation. I’d prefer it any day rather than go through long PDF reports. Seeing and hearing the speaker makes anyone more trusting of the service that the speaker provides.

Simply present a very enticing free webinar, leave out additional information and ask people to sign-up on the mailing list to know more and that’s it. You’ve got a mailing list.

But then, more valuable information that consumed more time, effort and resources cannot simply be free to obtain. From here, webinars become an income-generating channel. After viewers watch your free webinar, they could become potential customers who are willing to pay to learn more about what you offer.

Come up with training products and e-learning materials that you could sell. They become easier to create with some knowledge of creating webinars.

And if you want to make a transition to creating videos, it’s easier once you’ve got webinar creation skills.

The best thing about becoming a Webinar VA or a Webinar Specialist is that, according to Michelle, there is low competition—apparently, not a lot of people are offering the service. And with the variety of content and execution that you could do, creating webinars will never bore you—it’ll only make a master out of you.

Once you’ve mastered webinar creation, it becomes a definite edge that will bring in more opportunities to earn because you’ve just targeted a niche market.

So, do you think you’re ready to gain a new set of skills?

For more information about Michelle Schoen and how she could help you kick start a career as a Web Specialist, visit VADemoGirl.com.