The Blog and the Author

 “Don’t let life pass by without you being able to contribute something to your community.”

These were the words of my sociology professor back in college. If my memory serves me right, we had just touched on the topic of National Hero, Dr. Jose Rizal. The man’s life is one of the most inspiring stories I’ve read and our fairly young nation benefits from his contributions to this day.

Like many of the world’s heroes, Rizal teaches us to live life with a bigger purpose. The way to do that is to live life for others.

It’s one of the main reasons why I started The Selfless Project. As humans, we have the responsibility to help each other and the world.

So, what I do here is but my small contribution. I hope that through The Selfless Project, I’ll be able to help people go through life’s many struggles by finding solutions to problems. I also wish to make others feel better about themselves through inspiring stories of other people and words of wisdom. Lastly, I wish to address social/environmental issues and hear what others have to say about them in the hopes of driving out a sense of responsibility and an urge to act and make a difference.

As a freelancer, I intend to impart knowledge on becoming even more effective workers. I will also do my best to dish out information on various applications that workers use and how they can be maximized to a worker’s advantage. Lastly, I would like to become a channel for fellow workers to gain access to events such as free training and webinars that would sure be of great value.

All of these are part of my wanting to help.  For there is great joy in helping others and it’s a joy that goes for both the giver and the receiver. There is  greatness in selflessness.


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I am putting this here as part of my SVAI training. Kindly disregard unless you’re curious as to how I sound like.