Lessons From the Water Cooler: A Newbie’s Guide to Survive (And Flourish) in Elance

Any Elance.com newbie knows (or ought to know) that reading the Terms of Service is the most important thing he must do before starting work or even bidding on jobs. But if there’s… Continue reading

Don’t Stop Until the Miracle Happens

All of us go through life’s hardships at some point. One time, when I did, I remember asking the Powers That Be, “What is my special ability?” It happened when I finally reached… Continue reading

So, how’s my English?

If it doesn’t sound right, it probably isn’t. I can’t remember how many times I’ve read such a simple principle in learning the English language. But exactly how does one know when one does not have extensive knowledge… Continue reading

New on the Menu: Hugs!

Tim’s Place in Albuquerque, New Mexico may look and feel like a typical restaurant, except for one unusual item on the menu: free hugs. 27 year old restaurant owner Tim Harris is also… Continue reading

An Appreciation for Old, Used Books

I’m not your typical bibliophile. I don’t line up at the local bookstore to get a copy of the latest novel release. I don’t pay reservations to exclusively acquire the first few copies… Continue reading

Effective Online Articles: More than Just Writing

Article marketing is one sure strategy to drive traffic to a website. Web users are attracted to well-written and fresh content. But it takes more than stellar writing skills to be able to… Continue reading

Make it Work!

You’ve just been awarded a job online. Congratulations. But as with any job, keeping it will take effort, and in the case of online jobs maybe even more than you can imagine. Working… Continue reading

The Harry Potter Saga: A Muggle Review

Spanning eight titles and running for a decade, the Harry Potter saga is the longest and undeniably the most exciting movie experience to date. It may well have ended years ago, but the… Continue reading

The Rise of OFWs: Online Filipino Workers

They are an emerging group of working Filipinos. Armed with skills and discipline necessary to work directly with foreign clients. They earn as much as Filipinos working abroad. These unique individuals, however, never… Continue reading

Jars of Clay: Band with a Mission

I’ll admit. The reason why I wanted to go to the Walkway event in Bonifacio High Street was because of my favorite band Jars of Clay. And upon learning that their concert was completely free,… Continue reading