Google Drive Basics

Google Drive

Coming from a Microsoft Office user, the features found in Google Drive files are pretty basic. However, what sets it apart is the capability to edit files online, in real time and without taking up any space in the computer. Plus, it’s free.

The Google Drive can be either used as a Web app which requires Internet connection or as a Desktop app to work on files offline. And for those who are more comfortable using MS Office, Google Drive can simply convert the files once uploaded online.

When working on a file, Google Drive automatically saves it. The file can be shared to contacts and can even be edited by more than one person.

But perhaps the best thing about Google Drive is its Revision History feature which saves time and effort for when a document has been edited incorrectly. The site can retrieve older versions of the file done within 30 days or 100 revisions.

Here are some samples of files that can be done in Google Drive:


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