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GmailA number of times I’ve heard and read that there is quite a difference between a Yahoo mail owner and a Gmail owner. Those who choose Yahoo mail are usually regular people. On the other hand, a professional chooses Gmail. And it’s no wonder.

With Google’s innovative applications seamlessly integrated with Gmail, it has become more than just a digital mailbox but a communication department of a virtual office.

I’ve signed up for a Gmail account years back but I, to tell the truth, I didn’t find it any special. I stuck with my Yahoo mail. However with today’s demand to maximize productivity, I’m beginning to re-consider switching to a much better service.

Revisiting Gmail showed me how simple yet powerful it is. One noticeable difference it has between Yahoo mail is the absence of ad banners. Another great feature is having the compose email section separate and on a corner so that the Inbox can still be seen.

Sending a Sample Message

Creating Labels in Gmail

Creating Labels in Gmail

Uploading and Cropping an Account Photo

Uploading and Cropping an Account Photo

Although some of the features are similar to Yahoo mail’s, there are some that makes Gmail stand out such as the Importance markers, Vacation Responders, option to use “https” and to check e-mail from other accounts.

Gmail Settings General

Gmail Settings Labels

Gmail Settings Inbox

Gmail Settings Accounts

Gmail Settings Forwarding and POP/IMAP

Gmail Settings Chat

Then there are the Labs—experimental features which make for a more an easier and interesting Gmail experience. Imagine being able to Undo sending of a message to the wrong person. There are lots of features to try and one can only expect it to grow in the future.

Gmail Labs

Gmail Themes

But one thing that I do love about Gmail is its changing theme. It has nothing to do with productivity. However, for anyone who’s worked for hours in front of the computer, a change of perspective—and mood—can be a welcomed distraction.


The unedited sample application letter that I used can be viewed here


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