Your Own GSite in 10 Easy Steps

google sites-icon-largeAdmittedly, Google Site isn’t one of the better site builders and hosts out there. However, there are a number of reasons why you may want to consider it to bring your presence online.

Aside from being free, Google Site already comes with your Google account registration. It has a fairly simple setup that doesn’t require markup language. Plus, with its integration with AdSense, you get to make money out of click advertising.

It’s very easy to start building your own website with Google Site. Just follow the 10 steps below and you’re on your way to building your online presence.

1. After registering with Google, go to the Google Site page and click “Create.” You will be taken to a page where you must enter a name for your site as well as a URL address.

GSites Create Site

Gsites General

2. Select a Template. There are various templates created by other users, but if you’re feeling more creative, choose a blank template to make something more original. There is a difference between Templates and Themes. Templates consist of the layout and components of the site. Themes are all about the colors and images you use in your template.

GSite Themes

3. Once you are taken to your blank page, you have an idea as to how the website will look like. Click the “More” button along the right upper corner of your site and choose “Edit Site Layout” to edit parts of your website that you want shown or hidden such as the sidebar, navigation and footer. You may also edit them by clicking on a part.

4. Click the pencil icon to start editing your Homepage. Choose a Layout or the color for your content font. This must be clicked whenever you want to edit any page.

GSites Edit Page1 GSites Edit Page

5. If you want to add more pages, click the (+) button and you will be taken to the Manage Site page where you need to put a title to your brand new page. You may choose to make it a subpage of the homepage or completely separate.

6. Tinker with the Header in two ways: One is to go to Manage Site and then go to Colors and Fonts. The other is to click “Edit Site Layout” and running the mouse over to the Header area.

GSites Color and Fonts

7. In the Colors and Fonts tabs, you are given the options to change your Header title font, size and color. And they sure have a lot of fonts to choose from! You may also do the same for your pages and subpages.

8. If you want to have a wallpaper as background image, click Page Background Image on the Colors and Fonts and choose Custom. You will be prompted to upload an image file. You can do the same thing for the Header and Pages.

9. Go to the Manage Site page again and click on Adsense to register and start making money. Your Adsense account will need to be approved first before it can fully function.

10. Click “Share” and let the whole world know about the website that you just created!

My Sample GSite

Click on the screenshot to view a sample webpage I created on GSites.


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