Standard Reporting: Analytics Reports


With the popularity of the Internet comes the need for companies to optimize their online presence. They need to know how much traffic their website generates, what kind of people visit their site and for what purpose.

Web analytics answers all of these questions and even more. It is the collection, measurement and reporting of Internet data that companies could use to make better decisions for their website and business. and Google Analytics serve various websites by providing analytics reports.


While the two are usually being compared to one another, their purpose goes along the same line—they give website owners reports about how their site is fairing.

Web analytics sites collect information about the factors concerning website traffic, measuring how many people visited a website, the countries from where users came from, pages that received the most clicks and even the Internet browser used.


But it’s not just that. Also taken into account are the number of fresh visits and returning visitors, the time users spend on a page and how users ended up visiting the website.

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Impact of social media, which affects today’s businesses, is also measured.

All of this valuable information, which web analytics interpret in graphs, can be used to create an effective marketing strategy that will make Internet come back and possibly heed to a website’s call to action, whether it’s to avail a product or a service or perhaps drive earnings to the site through clickable online ads.


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