Standard Reporting: Daily Reports

daily report

Sample Daily Report

In the world of online work, where workers are often miles away from a client, a daily report is a necessity. Time zone differences may hinder you from talking to your client so it’s best to leave a message, usually by e-mail, to let him know the progress of your various tasks—and as online worker, you can expect to work on more than one task.

A daily report is just as easy as sending anyone an e-mail. All you need to do is list down all of the tasks that you are expected to accomplish. Point out those that are done and let the client know about those that are still in progress. An action plan for those that haven’t been done could be a good idea to make the client feel that you are not leaving any task behind. For convenience, you could try sending your job’s to-do list and make sure that it is updated regularly.

A piece of advice: Use the same title for all your daily reports, complete with a date. Keep it short. Make a tabulated list like the one on the screenshot. Make use of space so that reading your message will be easy.


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