Why Hire Filipino VA’s?

Any virtual team can have great virtual assistants. Yet there is always something different and definitely good that can be said about having one that’s from around the tropical island nation of the Philippines.

Not for the sake of bragging, but Filipino Virtual Assistants have become standouts in the industry—and for many good reasons.

It might stem from the fact that Filipinos are pretty much anywhere in the world as overseas workers. We have been pretty well known for being hospitable. Or perhaps the world still recognizes our reputation as one if not the best English-speaking Asian country.

Companies seek Filipino assistance and as you read on, you’ll understand some great reasons why it is so.


10 Reasons Why (We) Filipinos are Outstanding Virtual Assistants


10. We are Southeast Asians. Based on observation, there are characteristics that separate Southeast Asians from other Asians or even from the rest of the world. We’re accommodating and warm towards people and it’s completely natural for us to be so. We’re good at dealing with people because we like being with people.

But when it comes to work and business, we can become very serious because we understand—through the hardships that we face—how difficult it can be to live without a decent-paying job.

 – – –

09. We are driven. As mentioned above, we Southeast Asians work very hard. After all, we live in a poverty-stricken area of Asia. But the drive to live a better life may be felt more from Filipinos than from any other Southeast Asian nation.

Just look around and you’ll probably see a Filipino. We can be found everywhere in six continents, working away from families, driven by the need for a better life. We have a very strong drive to succeed.

 – – –

08. We work well with foreign clients. This may be coming from a rather unpleasant characteristic that we possess—colonial mentality. But it has its advantages and our appreciation has led us to becoming better at dealing with foreign clients. Unfortunately, sometimes we trust foreign clients more than our fellow countrymen.

 – – –

07. We are still the better communicators. Others may dispute this as old fact, but since the Filipino language has always borrowed numerous English words, we’re very much used to speaking the language. There are even areas in the country where people speak English more than the National Language.

 – – –

06. We are naturally happy. Anywhere you go in the Philippines—even in the poorest areas, you’ll find people smiling away all of life’s hardships. We just don’t succumb to negative emotions. When people do us wrong, we forgive and, more often than not, we forget as well.

Even during the most stressful situation, we find ways to be happy. And that’s one great attitude that we bring to the workplace.

 – – –

05. We are flexible and highly productive. We, Filipinos, like to compare ourselves to the humble coconut tree. It thrives on every corner of this tropical country. It grows on every kind of soil, even along sandy beaches. But what’s even more impressive is that every part of the coconut tree can be turned into something useful.

Flexibility comes naturally to us. It starts at home where we don’t hire helpers and do every chore on our own which, in turn, teaches us management skills. We’re used to doing things on our own so we understand how important it is to learn different skills.

At work, the drive to succeed and have a better life for ourselves and our family makes us willing to learn new skills and take on new tasks.

 – – –

04. We are resourceful. When one lives in a poverty-stricken country, being resourceful is actually a means to survive. We’ve become so used to figuring things out on our own and it’s one of our greatest advantages at work. Leave us with a problem and we’ll surely come up with some solution. Just like our flexibility, this characteristic is born out of necessity.

 – – –

03. We love to help. It’s the idea of good karma coming back to us when we need help as well. We live in a country with high regards for religion and goodwill and we never think twice about extending a helping hand.

 – – –

02. We have high respect for bosses. It’s to show deep appreciation for helping us land a job. We do our job well to show how thankful we are.

We willingly do other jobs for our boss; we extend working hours; we become as flexible as possible; we stay even when the company—and especially when the company—is experiencing tough times.

Even our natural shyness and politeness (which can be considered too much at times) towards our boss is all because of the respect that we have.

 – – –

Another reason that should belong to the second spot but I decided not to include in the list has to do with financial matters:

Being in a Third World country, an average Filipino’s cost of living is considerably lower than that of rich countries. Therefore, workers here are paid with a slightly lower wage. For quality work at a lower cost, companies would definitely be better off with Filipino workers.

But it’s not the money that makes Filipinos the best choice for Virtual Assistants—or workers in general…

– – –

01. We honor the trust that you share. We value trust and once we’ve earned it, we remain as a loyal and valuable worker—and even much more. For we become a friend that would care so much we could be considered family. That’s how much we value our relationship with people—even with our bosses.

You can depend on us on anything. And as long as there’s a reason and a way for us to work together, we’ll stay. We’re with you all the way.