Give Yourself the Chance to Be Extraordinary

Overcome the notion that you must be regular

Some people think you’re special. Some people know that you’re special. They’ve seen you do wonderful things. So how come you don’t believe them? When will you start believing in yourself?

Your existence in itself is special. A space in this planet—in this life—is reserved for you. Believe it or not, you are here for a reason.

Look around you. There are people who could use your help. There are less fortunate families who could use a little donation; children who need good education; old folks who could use a little love and attention; victims of people and/or circumstances who wish for a chance at a better life.

It doesn’t even have to be people. The environment could use some saving, too.

We are all given the chance to be more than who we are. And it is through helping others that we will find the understanding that we can be special.

So, what’s keeping you from doing something that will make a difference in the world—that will change someone’s life?

Sounds too big of a responsibility, huh?

Don’t worry. Nobody is asking you to be the next great innovator. You don’t have to force yourself to be the next Albert Einstein, Steve Jobs or Mother Teresa. All it takes is for you to extend a helping hand. Do you believe that through it alone you can be extraordinary?

Remember, the smallest thing you do to someone could be the biggest thing that will ever happen to that person. It may not be as big as the world itself, but it came from the heart—a willingness to help others—and that makes it bigger than life. And that makes you anything but regular.

So, are you ready to give yourself the chance to be extraordinary?