All about Google Apps


Using Gmail

A number of times I’ve heard and read that there is quite a difference between a Yahoo mail owner and a Gmail owner. Those who choose Yahoo mail are usually regular people. On the other hand, a professional chooses Gmail. And it’s no wonder.

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Google Drive Basics

Coming from a Microsoft Office user, the features found in Google Drive files are pretty basic. However, what sets it apart is the capability to edit files online, in real time and without taking up any space in the computer. Plus, it’s free.

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GCal Basics

Google Calendar is definitely not your typical organizer. It may have the usual features as color-coded entries and option to schedule recurring activities, but Google’s integration with other Google Apps makes this digital organizer even more effective.

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Google Sites Creation

Admittedly, Google Site isn’t one of the better site builders and hosts out there. However, there are a number of reasons why you may want to consider it to bring your presence online.

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